Pink Rose Extravaganza



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Product Description

The beautiful design of this unusual flower arrangement is sure to impress everyone who sees it. It boasts 100 long stem pink roses accented by a lovely green ball of moss. The woody rose stems are anchored by white pebbles in four white ceramic vases that are beautifully joined together. We feel it could work with either contemporary or classic decor. Roses are always reminiscent of romance, happiness and memories, but the white pebbles and vases would also complement a modern decorating scheme.

This is a stunning arrangement that would work well in any grand space. Its scale and grandeur would suit a soaring entryway or a large dining room. It would be a beautiful focal point in a living room as it measures 48″ wide, 32″ high and 10″ from front to back. It could also be a great display on a large kitchen island or on a fireplace mantle. Anywhere it is placed, it will be admired and appreciated. The design of this arrangement reminds us of a lovely forest of pale, pink roses. Think how impressive it would be to give each guest their own rose or roses to take home at the end of the evening (supply some lovely gold or iridescent ribbon, and they can be tied up in small bouquets).

The rose stems pick up some shades of green in the moss ball. The soft round shape of the moss contrasts nicely with the white ceramic vases with their linear design. Pink and green are always a popular color palate that complements any home’s decor and adds an air of spring to any occasion. Roses are the most popular of flowers because of their rare, exquisite beauty and wonderful scent. These flowers will also beautifully and delicately perfume your home.

Anyone who received this stunning arrangement would be amazed by its beauty and the intricacy of its design. Sometimes words cannot do justice, and this is one of those times. Let us delight you with this design, or let us help you customize an arrangement to perfectly suit that special person or that wonderful occasion.


  • Weight: 960 oz
  • Width: 48 in
  • Depth: 10 in
  • Height: 32 in

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